Ann Marie Guenther


Professional Organizer

Entrepreneurs: Save Money & Increase Profits by 20% by Staying Organized

In this entertaining, presentation Ann Marie Guenther shows your audience how to go from the typical stressed out business owner to the calm go-getter who is ready to take on the world!

Your audience will learn:

How to spend less time filing

-How to spend zero time searching for things

-How to create an office space that works for you

-How to enjoy working again

Making Change Work For You: Whether You Are A Mom, or Moving, Learn To Make Your Home Run Like A Well Oiled Machine

Ann Marie shows your audience how to run your home the way you have always dreamed of.  This Mom of 4 will teach you her tricks of the trade to save money and time so you can spend more money and time having fun with your family (or having some quiet time).

Your audience will learn:

-How to Spend less time & money getting groceries

-How to get your family to find things on their own AND put things away where they belong

-How to enjoy being a house manager again.